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Casual Enrolments

We hope you have a wonderful time in Queenstown. To ensure all visitors can make the most of the many amazing experiences our town has to offer Mamas Childcare offers casual enrolments when availability permits. This is available Monday through to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5pm availability depending. Mamas Childcare is closed on all Statutory holidays.

All bookings are to be paid for in advance along with a non-refundable $30 enrolment fee and a casual day booking fee of $20 per day. All booked hours are non-refundable as teachers have been rostered to ensure we adhere to the required teacher to child ratios.

The minimum booking is 3 hours and the hourly rates are as follows:

Under 2 year olds - $8.60 per hour
Under 3 year olds - $8.55 per hour
Over 3 year olds - $10 per hour (after 20 hours)

All prices are inclusive of GST

Earlier Drop Off/Later Pick Up
If you require an earlier drop off/later pick up, please check first that we have availability. We are on strict teacher: child ratios set by the Ministry of Education. Our teachers all work differing shifts based on the booked times of the children attending the Centre. If you are held up unexpectedly please call to inform us, arriving as promptly as possible in a safe manner. Children should be collected
punctually at the end of their booked times. A fee of $50 per 15 minutes or part there of will apply for earlier drop offs and later pickups that will need to be paid before leaving. An ATM machine is located outside the ANZ bank.

After 5:30pm Late Fees
All children MUST be picked up by 5:30pm, any later and we will be in breach of our license. At 5:35pm a charge of $50 will be added to the child’s invoice to cover the extra wages incurred. A further $50 will be charged for every 15 minutes of part thereof until the child is collected. This is to cover the incurred cost of the two staff members required to work overtime.

20 Hours ECE
All children on their third birthday are eligible for the 20 Hours ECE which is funded by the government. This funding can be claimed up to 6 hours per day up to 20 hours a week. To receive this funding parents must complete and sign an Attestation form (provided by the Ministry of Education) to confirm the 20 Hours ECE their child will receive at Mamas Childcare and any other early childhood service. Further Attestation forms will need to be completed and signed for any change of bookings. To receive this funding your child must attend the booked hours each day. Continuous absence on a particular day or later drop offs and earlier pick ups will result in loss of funding and the parents may be financially liable in a Ministry Audit. If a child is If a child is absent for a period of up to three continuous weeks, the Ministry will continue to fund Mamas Childcare for 20 Hours ECE while the child is away.

However, 20 Hours ECE funding will stop after 3 weeks’ absence and parents will be charged the full fees to retain their space and will be required to sign an agreement to re-commit to the booked hours and may also be financially liable for any loss of funding in a Ministry Audit. Families whose children receive 20 Hours ECE may also receive the WINZ Childcare Subsidy for the hours that are not covered by 20 Hours ECE.

All children eligible for 20 Hours ECE have minimum booked times of:

22.5 hours per week if attending 5 days per week
22 hours per week if attending 4 days per week
19.5 hours per week if attending 3 days per week
13 hours per week if attending 2 days per week
6.5 hours per day if attending 1 day per week

Ministry of Education Funding
Each year we provide parents with details of how the funding we have received has been spent. This will be displayed on the Noticeboard and emailed out with the weekly newsletter.

Fee Payment Practice

The Enrolment Fee ($30) and your child’s full fees are to be paid in advance when you start at the Centre. Fees should be in credit at any time. Fee payment options are internet banking, eftpos, cash, or cheque.

Payment can be made by automatic payment to:

Mamas Five Mile Childcare
02 0948 0287923 000

To be accurate we must provide a paper trail for our auditors. In ‘Particulars’ please write your child’s account number, in ‘Code’ please write your child’s first name, in ‘Reference’ please write your child’s last name. Please see the Manager if you need further explanation of this process.

EFTPOS/cash/cheque payments can be paid at the office. A receipt will be given for these payments.

Accounts Receivable Policy

Invoices will be sent weekly to families by email. To ensure accounts remain in credit the invoice will depict the actual hours attended the week previously and any fee changes due to absence or extra hours and the foreseen hours and fee for the next week. Prompt payment is required so accounts remain in credit.

If families should fall behind, by one week we will require a direct debit to be set up to continue enrolment.

A Late Payment fee of 10% of the outstanding fees (or $10 whichever is the greater) will be added to all accounts that are overdue by one month. After one month any unpaid fees will be charged to the withheld credit card at our discretion.

Mamas Childcare reserves the right to follow usual methods of debt recovery (Baycorp). All debt collection fees will be passed on to the parent.

Settling Children
If your child does not settle for any reason, we will call requiring them to be picked up. If after two hours of trying to contact, you without success another teacher will be called in to support the teaching team at your cost.

What to bring
Each day your child attends you will need to bring the following:

  • Nappies and wipes (if required)
  • A spare change of clothes
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather ie. Coat, shoes, sunhat etc.
  • Enough food for their time at the centre ie. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
    (please ensure no nuts or nut products)
  • Milk (cow, breast or formula) and bottle (if required).
  • Anything required for sleep routines ie. Teddy, dummy, sleep sack, cuddly.

Policies and Procedures
All policies are available to be read in the foyer.

Termination of Enrolment
Our service has a range of policies and procedures to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children, staff, families and visitors of the service. We reserve the right to terminate a child’s enrolment if at any time a service policy has been breached.


If you wish to discuss any matter, big or small, we are always available and happy to talk with you. We want the time your child stays with us to be a happy experience for you and your family.

Contact Details
Website: www.mamaschildcare.nz
Phone: 03 442 9440
Email: admin@mamaschildcare.nz
Address: Unit 11, 32 Grants Road Five Mile Retail Centre Queenstown

Casual Enrolment Form

To enrol your child on a casual basis, please download and fill out the casual enrolment form at the link below.

Download Casual Enrolment form

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