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General Information

Your knowledge of your child is the key to their learning journey and how we can best support them to navigate the way. Sharing this powerful knowledge helps us to ensure both yourself and your child feel welcome, comfortable and allow to them to flourish.

Your role

It is essential that on arrival and departure you sign your child in and out each day. Whilst doing this take a look through the “Learning Discoveries Book” to see some of the learning happening in each of the classrooms.

Let us know if your child is absent by calling or sending us an email before they are booked to start. If they are sick it is really helpful if you can tell us what is happening for them so we are aware of any bugs that may be going around, it also means we can charge accordingly with a half price sick day.

Each day you will provide delicious lunch and snacks for your child making sure there is enough brain food for their booked time including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. Due to severe allergies we are a “NO NUT” Centre. Children will be offered water at all meals and when thirsty.

For babies and young children, we ask that you provide the bottles of formula or milk you wish your child to be fed. If bringing in a tin of formula this must be sealed and be kept at the Centre for a maximum of 4 weeks as per the instructions. All bottles must be taken home to be washed and sterilized.

We embrace the discovery of physical movement and the joy in all weather. So please ensure your child has appropriate clothing that allow them to explore in all weather for example hats in summer, jackets and gumboots in winter. Our exploration can get a bit messy, with paint, clay and so much more so leave the good clothes and shoes at home. It is essential to have a complete change of clothes in your child’s bag for toileting emergencies and for when the discovery means fresh clothes are needed.

Any medicine needed whilst at the Centre must be signed in and out each day with the support of a teacher and at their discretion if the child is fit to attend.

We welcome your child’s named snuggle toy or cuddly, particularly during the settling in process, but ask for all other toys remain safely at home or in the car.

Our teachers are always eager to discuss your child’s learning journey with you and need your support in developing learning goals for your child. This can be an informal discussion when you drop off or pick up, or we can arrange a time for you to have some uninterrupted time with your child’s primary caregiver or key teacher. Your child’s learning journey book is readily available to both you and your child along with the electronic version on Educa online, which makes adding your voice that bit easier.

Our Centre will partake in both regular and emergent internal evaluations throughout the year to continually seek to improve our practice in relation to teaching and learning, curriculum, leadership, governance and management, ensuring positive outcomes for children.

These evaluations can be triggered by any number of factors for example health/safety issues, regulatory requirements, feedback raised by whānau, staff or children, or an appreciation of what we do well motivated by a desire to make it great. If there is any aspect of our Centre that you feel you would benefit from being reviewed, please do not hesitate to discuss it with the Manager. We all look forward to working with you and your child.

Sinead and The Teaching Team

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