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Healthy Eating Guidelines

We have an obligation to encourage nutritionally healthy food for all children. As some children can attend our centre for up to 8+ hours every day we wish to promote healthy eating messages to parents, whanau and centre teachers. Healthy eating promotes healthy minds and bodies.


You provide all the food and/or milk needed for your children. Children will be offered food at morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea and also at the end of the day if children ask for some. An adequate amount of food for the number of meal-times your child will receive while attending the centre should be sent along. We are able to reheat food for your child at lunchtime – last night’s tea, sausages, baked beans, roasted vegetables etc if you would like this. We would prefer lollies and chocolate bars to be kept at home and not part of your child’s Centre lunchbox.

Babies will be fed bottles and solids as and when you request. Due to the severity of peanut allergies, our centre is a NUT FREE ZONE. There are no nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, pesto or Nutella kept on the premises and we ask that you do not send any nut butter toast or sandwiches with your children. Muesli bars often have nuts in them so please read the packages carefully.

Allergies, food intolerances and special dietary requirements will be a shared responsibility of the child’s family and centre. We will respect any special diets that you would like for your child, for example, vegetarian, no pork products, no beef etc.

Filtered water is always available to children. Children are discouraged from sharing glasses or bringing drink bottles.

Food and food celebrations are considered positive and social events.

If your child refuses to eat food, encouragement is offered. If food is still refused it is offered later when the child is hungry. Children can be empowered by having control over their food intake and we allow self-choice and self-service at meal times.

Activities such as cooking and educational based learning focusing on food, nutrition, health, and food safety are incorporated into the centre's daily programme. A record of all food prepared as part of the educational programme and offered to children attending the centre will be written on the Record of Food Provided Book kept in the centre's kitchens.

Handwashing and general hygiene routines are observed when adults and children are handling food. Sterile dishwashing facilities ensure eating utensils are cleaned thoroughly.

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